Korea IT Times

September 25, 2020

Crypto Art Community Reacts to Record 100K Sale

Many in the community were already familiar with the artwork which premiered in March at the “Get Out While You Stay In” virtual reality art show which had been organized to replace the San Francisco based Bitcoin 2020 Conference, canceled due to Covid-19. As soon as news broke of the record-breaking sale, the hashtag #CryptoArt on Twitter sprang to life. “My all-time favorite work of crypto art,” exclaimed Lee Mason, a well known UK based VR artist and educator also known as Metageist. “I can’t imagine anything representing this technology and community better.”

“Yes, this is the right way,” respected artist duo Hackatao stated. “We are happy that the quality of a forward-looking project is so well rewarded.”

With the patronage of TokenAngels, the artwork’s collector, the artist gained a unique opportunity to experiment: sharing revenue with a collector in the form of subsequent minted variations of the artwork. Through volatility.art, Matt Kane will periodically produce and sell a digital art NFT to represent A Day in the Life of Bitcoin. This NFT will also grant its owner the right to purchase a physical print.