February 5, 2022

If Time is Money, Are ATMs Time Machines?


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The group exhibition If Time is Money, Are ATMs Time Machines?  aims to reconsider the relationship between time, life, and capitalism, inscribing itself within a long tradition of such inquiries across cultures.

Curated by Shen Ruijun with Marie Martraire and Shona Mei Findlay.


March 31, 2023

Matt Kane is Eternal - And his Generative Collection, Gazers, is an Unprecedented Exploration of Time, the One Thing that Binds Us

Having spent so much time enveloped within Bitcoin price volatility, moment after moment, day after day, instantaneous and extreme, Kane “felt my own relationship to time had become very chaotic.” So, he thought, “I’m going to create a project that is the complete polar opposite in terms of how it deals with time and change.”

yahoo! finance

September 22, 2020

Record Cryptoart Sale: Matt Kane's "Right Place & Right Time," a programmable artwork that changes with Bitcoin price volatility, sells for over $100K on Async Art

The artwork is a one-of-a-kind programmable piece that generates a new image each day. Made of 24 Layers synchronized with Bitcoin’s price volatility from the previous 24 hours, it was created exclusively on Async Art.

NFT Awards

April 3, 2021

Winner: 2020's Most Innovative NFT Award

“Coming up next is the Most Innovative NFT Award. This award goes to the NFT that has pushed the boundaries of blockchain technology. The NFT that wins this award has the potential to radically change the world.

And the award for Most Innovative NFT goes to Right Place & Right Time by Matt Kane.”


October 2, 2020

Language: Italian

$ 100,000 Crypto Art: Record Sale for Artwork on Blockchain

For the first time, a piece of crypto art was sold for $ 100,000 on the Async Art platform, where programmable art is created, collected and exchanged that can evolve over time, react to its owners or follow a stock price. It’s Right Place Right Time & of Matt Kane , a work of digital art that changes every day depending on the volatility of Bitcoin prices. Unlike a “classic” digital work, cryptoart works – always digital files, and therefore, by their nature, can be copied indefinitely without loss of quality – are however inserted into an authentication system managed by software that uses Ethereum blockchain technology and buyers pay in digital currency.

Korea IT Times

September 25, 2020

Crypto Art Community Reacts to Record 100K Sale

Many in the community were already familiar with the artwork which premiered in March at the “Get Out While You Stay In” virtual reality art show which had been organized to replace the San Francisco based Bitcoin 2020 Conference, canceled due to Covid-19. As soon as news broke of the record-breaking sale, the hashtag #CryptoArt on Twitter sprang to life. “My all-time favorite work of crypto art,” exclaimed Lee Mason, a well known UK based VR artist and educator also known as Metageist. “I can’t imagine anything representing this technology and community better.”

“Yes, this is the right way,” respected artist duo Hackatao stated. “We are happy that the quality of a forward-looking project is so well rewarded.”

With the patronage of TokenAngels, the artwork’s collector, the artist gained a unique opportunity to experiment: sharing revenue with a collector in the form of subsequent minted variations of the artwork. Through volatility.art, Matt Kane will periodically produce and sell a digital art NFT to represent A Day in the Life of Bitcoin. This NFT will also grant its owner the right to purchase a physical print.

The Cryptonomist

September 21, 2020

The $100,000 NFT exhibited in Rome

In the next 10 years, this work could become the most important piece of the crypto art movement, combining art, which has always had its own materiality with physical and tangible works, with the ephemeral side of digitization.


September 25, 2020

NFT's & Crypto's High-End Art Market

If you look at the above screenshot of Matt Kane’s work, it just looks like a cool piece of Bitcoin art. What’s under the hood is what makes it interesting. Kane wrote an algorithm that’s tied into a BTC pricing feed. Every 12 hours, the algorithm updates the piece based on Bitcoin’s volatility from that day, which you can see on display in this GIF.

In addition to being an evolving work of art, there are a few other components that make this interesting. For one, Kane has retained an ownership token that allows him to fine-tune the piece over time – a novel aspect of NFT based artwork that allows the artist to retain some level of control over the work. Artwork no longer has to remain static, and instead, can adapt and evolve as an artist builds upon their work over time.


September 19, 2020

NFT Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Volatility Sold for Record $101,000

Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time,” a non-fungible token (NFT) digital artwork that changes every day with the bitcoin price volatility, claims the artist, has been sold for a record 262 ether or $101,100 on blockchain platform Async Art.


September 22, 2020

Programmable artwork that changes with Bitcoin price volatility, sells for over $100K

With the patronage of TokenAngels, the artwork’s collector, the artist gained an unique opportunity to experiment: sharing revenue with a collector in the form of subsequent minted variations of the artwork. Through volatility.art, Matt Kane will periodically produce and sell a digital art NFT to represent a day in the life of Bitcoin. This NFT will also grant its owner the right to purchase a physical print.


September 22, 2020

Bitcoin-based artwork smashes records, sells for $100K

“Right Place & Right Time,” a digital art piece based on Bitcoin’s (BTC) fluctuating price action, has sold for more than $100,000.


September 22, 2020

Record Cryptoart Sale

“As a nod to Bitcoin’s 21 million fixed supply, the collector receives 21% of the individual NFT and print sales. Only 210 NFTs will be minted. Our partnership, a first between artist and collector, is one we hope inspires future partnerships, which will continue to innovate upon and strengthen this new model we’ve birthed,” says artist Matt Kane.


September 22, 2020

Bitcoin-Based NFT Digital Art Piece Sold For 262 ETH

“My artwork always takes however much or little time that the work demands. The original digital painting was made last November and then I began preparing it to become a programmable artwork on Async Art in January. There’s been countless tweaks and preparations to perfect it’s homecoming to Volatility.art.”


September 15, 2020

Algorithmic Crypto Art Changes Appearance to Reflect Bitcoin Volatility

Asynchronous Art revealed Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time” today, an artwork that evolves dynamically in response to BTC price action. As the value of the cryptocurrency changes, so too does the artwork, explained Kane:

“Each day, a new look for the Master is generated using a data feed of Bitcoin’s last 24 hours of price action. Each hour’s price programmatically controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer.”

The Crypto Lark

September 15, 2020

Seen on The Crypto Lark


September 28, 2020

A one-of-a-kind Programmable Artwork Linked to a .art Domain Sells for Over $100K

Through volatility.art Matt Kane, a Chicago-born artist and self-taught programmer, aims to produce and sell digital art NFT to represent a day in the life of Bitcoin. His Right Place & Right Time, a programmable artwork that changes with Bitcoin price volatility, sold for over $100K this week.

JSA Digital

September 25, 2020

Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time,” a programmable artwork that changes with Bitcoin price volatility, sells for over $100K on Async Art

Matt Kane is a Chicago born artist whose oil work granted a profitable entry into the collectors’ pushed market again in 2004. As a self-taught programmer, he designs the customized software program with which he produces his vibrant, infinitely detailed and multilayered creative visions.

Predominantly figurative, his present observe addresses and reworks essentially the most diverse topics, from Victorian household footage to modern icons, coating them in intricate, audaciously colored patterns. In his personal phrases, Kane is “occupied with exploring historic aesthetics with code; to do with geometry what the good painters did with oils.”

Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Sells for $101,000

“As a nod to Bitcoin’s 21 million fixed supply, the collector receives 21% revenue share of the individual NFT and print sales and there will only be 210 nFTs minted” Kane adds, “Until we could prove provenance and scarcity on the blockchain, how we sold digital art was prehistoric by comparison,”

International Press


September 24, 2020

Language: Italian

L’NFT da 100mila dollari in mostra a Roma

Come comunicato dall’azienda Breezy Art, la famosa opera d’arte “Right Place & Right Time” dell’artista Matt Kane, celebre per essere stata venduta per 100mila dollari, che in realtà non è altro che un NFT (Non Fungible Token), sarà in mostra a Roma il 20 ottobre nel complesso di San Salvatore in Lauro, nella mostra dal titolo “RENAISSANCE 2.0 2.0”.


September 26, 2020

Language: Spanish

Arte volátil: venden en 262 ETH obra que muta según el precio de Bitcoin

Ahora las variaciones en el precio de bitcoin (BTC) pueden ser comprendidas en su faceta estética, a través de un token coleccionable que diseñó un artista de Chicago, Estados Unidos.

La obra es un token no fungible NFT de Ethereum, una pieza digital única e irrepetible de una serie denominada “Right Place & Right Time” (Lugar correcto y momento correcto). Esta obra recopila datos sobre el precio de bitcoin para componer una imagen de 24 capas y fue programada por el artista Matt Kane. Cada hora se registra una imagen sincronizada con la volatilidad de bitcoin, que permite que la obra adquiera una nueva forma cada día.


October 1, 2020

Language: Turkish

Dijital Sanatçılar İçin Yeni İlham Perisi: Bitcoin!

Eserin her günkü fiyat dalgalanmalarının yansıtıldığı bir orjinal versiyonu var. Buna master imaj diyebiliriz. Master imaj nötr, yani herhangi bir dalgalanmadan etkilenmemiş, “sıfır oynaklık” versiyonu. Her gün TSİ 15:00’deki fiyat değişikliği, işte bu master imajı yeniden düzenleyerek yeni bir eserin oluşmasını sağlıyor. Yani bir gün önceki imajı ertesi günü baz olarak kullanmıyor. Master NFT denilen ve ilk eser ile oluşmuş olan NFT(Non-FungibleToken – Cemil hoca’nın deyimiyle Tekil Token, yani Tek-Tok’lar) 262 ETH ödeyen TokenAngels isimli bir kripto melek yatırımcı ve koleksiyonerde bulunuyor. Her ne kadar eserin mülkiyeti devredilmiş olsa da sanatçı halen bir takım yazılım güncellemeleri diyebileceğimiz ince ayar yapma haklarını elinde tutuyor. NFT’nin tokenize edilen sanat eserleri için sunduğu bu imkan sayesinde sanatçı eserini yaşayan bir varlık haline getirebiliyor, yeni geliştirmelerle adapte edebiliyor ve sanatçının da yeteneği – kodlama kapasitesi de diyebiliriz – geliştikçe eser de evriliyor.

Money Times

September 27, 2020

Language: Portuguese

NFTs e o mercado de obras de arte da indústria cripto

Se você observar a obra de Matt Kane acima, parece uma arte legal sobre bitcoin. O que não está à vista é o mais interessante: Kane escreveu um algoritmo que está ligado a um feed de preço do bitcoin. A cada 12 horas, o algoritmo atualiza a arte com base na volatilidade do bitcoin naquele dia.

Além de ser uma obra de arte evoluída, existem outros componentes que a tornam interessante.

Primeiro, Kane reteve um token de governança que permite que ele atualize a obra ao longo do tempo — um novo aspecto de artes baseadas em NFTs que permite que o artista tenha certo nível de controle sobre seu trabalho.

Obras de artes não precisam mais serem estáticas e, em vez disso, podem se adaptar e evoluir conforme um artista desenvolve seu trabalho ao longo do tempo.

Segundo, já que essa obra responde aos ritmos da volatilidade do bitcoin, irá emitir 210 NFTs individuais em dias significativos de movimentação.

Por exemplo, digamos que o bitcoin atinja US$ 20 mil — um novo NFT será emitido e vendido baseado no aspecto da obra naquele dia. Quem comprar esse NFT terá a capacidade de pedir por uma versão impressa.

BF Media

September 27, 2020

Language: Turkish

NFT'ler sanatçılar için blokzincir teknolojisi ile farklı bir gelecek mi sunuyor? Tokenize edilmiş sanat: "Hem bir fırsat hem de bir meydan okuma."

Koronavirüs sürecinde yaşanan karantinalar ve yasaklamalar sanat sektörünü hem ekonomik hem de sanatsal özgürlük alanları açısından etkiledi. Birçok sergi, festival ve eser dijital ortama taşındı. Kripto sanat alanında dikkat çeken satışlar gerçekleşti. 23 Eylül’de, müzayede evi Christie’s, ilk değişimi olmayan token (NFT) eserini bir açık artırmada satmayı planladığını duyurdu. Bu gelişme, Matt Kane’nin “Doğru Yer ve Doğru Zaman” (Right Place & Right Time) isimli sanat eserinin (262 Ethereum) 100 bin doların üzerinde bir tutara satılmasının ardından gerçekleşti. Bitcoin’in logosunun yaratıcı bir şekilde tasarlanmış görüntüsünü içeren “Doğru Yer ve Doğru Zaman”, NFT sanat eserlerinin sadece bir örneğiydi.

Yüksek tutarlarda Bitcoin ve Ethereum gibi kripto paralar üzerinden satışı gerçekleştirilen sanat eserlerinin artışıyla birlikte Morgan Creek Digital’in Kurucu Ortağı ve Ortağı Anthony Pompliano 21 Eylül’de şunları yazdı:

“Şahsen dijital sanat pazarının büyüklüğünün fiziksel sanat piyasası sınırından daha büyük olacağına inanıyorum. Bu bugün saçma gelebilir.”


September 22, 2020

Language: German

100.000 US-Dollar: Neuer Verkaufsrekord für Bitcoin-Kunstwerk

Matt Kane hat mit „Right Place & Right Time“ ein digitales Kunstwerk erschaffen, das seine Gestalt mit dem BTC-Kurs ändert. Auf der Plattform Async Art wurde es als NFT für knapp über 100.000 US-Dollar verkauft.

Schon mehrmals kam es zur Versteigerung digitaler Kunstwerke als Non Fungible Token. Unlängst hatte der Schauspieler und Tech-Investor Ashton Kutcher Aufsehen erregt, indem er eine eigenhändige Zeichnung vernichtete und das digitale Abbild auf der Blockchain in einer Auktion feilbot. Die neue Aktion des Künstlers Matt Kane jedoch stellt alles bisher Dagewesene in den Schatten. Sein digitales Opus namens „Right Place & Right Time“ fand auf der Plattform Async Art für 262 ETH (umgerechnet knapp über 100.000 US-Dollar) einen Abnehmer.


September 22, 2020

Language: Polish

Dzieło sztuki związane z Bitcoinem sprzedane za 100 000 USD

„Moje grafiki zawsze zajmują mi tyle czasu, ile potrzeba. Oryginalny obraz cyfrowy powstał w listopadzie ubiegłego roku, a następnie w styczniu zacząłem przygotowywać go do [przeniesienia do] programowalnej grafiki w Async Art. Wprowadziłem niezliczone poprawki i przygotowania, aby udoskonalić powrót do Volatility.art ”.

Crypto Actu

September 25, 2020

Language: French

Jetons NFT de collection – Un marché en pleine explosion sur fond d’art contemporain

L’univers des cryptomonnaies offre des opportunités aussi nombreuses et improbables que la technologie blockchain et l’imagination des développeurs le permettent. Un terreau fertile qui voit naître et s’installer des acteurs de toutes sortes, au service de projets prometteurs. C’est le cas actuellement des jetons non fongibles (NFT) au service de l’art numérique et des collectionneurs.

La technologie blockchain permet de créer les cryptomonnaies classiques. Mais ses applications sont multiples et offrent également la possibilité de développer et de vendre des objets numériques. Cela sous la forme de jetons de type non fongibles (NFT ou nifty). C’est-à-dire qu’ils ne peuvent pas être divisés en unités inférieures et ont chacun une valeur qui leur est propre.


September 27, 2020

Language: French

Ils vendent pour 262 ETH du travail qui mute en fonction du prix du Bitcoin

Jetons NFT et redevances pour les collectionneurs
Un autre fait curieux à propos de cette première œuvre d’art en série est qu’elle avait déjà un acheteur avant d’être mise aux enchères. Ce n’est pas littéral, mais selon Matt Kane, une première version de cette œuvre était parvenue aux mains de TokenAngels, qui a écrit des messages comme celui-ci à l’artiste dans un e-mail: «Alors Matt, quand pensez-vous que l’enchère Async aura lieu? Je veux être sûr que je suis devant mon écran ce jour-là.


September 27, 2020

Language: Thai

งานศิลปะที่เกี่ยวกับ Bitcoin ทุบสถิติด้วยราคาขายที่ 100,000 ดอลลาร์

The art world is changing.

Crypto and Blockchain circles became increasingly involved in the arts late last year. As there are many art-related initiatives emerging across the industry Many artists put their masterpieces on the blockchain via Async Art, while Volatility.art It is also a place where viewers can see Bitcoin art formed by the daily price movements.


September 27, 2020

Language: Spanish

Las ventas de tokens NFT de arte sobrepasan los $5 millones en volumen en Rarible

Rarible es un lugar donde se puede crear, comprar y vender coleccionables digitales y, como tal, es el beneficiario de la creciente popularidad de los tokens no fungibles, impulsada principalmente por el arte digital. El 21 de septiembre, se anunció la noticia de una venta récord de NFT de arte digital, con una pieza llamada “Right Place & Right Time” (El lugar y el momento adecuados, en español) que se vendió por más de 100,000 dólares.

BLOG FÜR FAKTEN - PiezoMaterials.com

September 27, 2020

Language: German

$ 101,000 Crypto-Images – Discover the NFT Cryptocurrency Hype!

In practice, the amount can be up to 6 digits . For example, the artwork “ Right Place & Right Time ” by artist Matt Kane saw his NFT token sell for 262 ethers , or $ 101,000 .

Exhibited on the Async Art site , this work of art has the particularity of changing its appearance once every day depending on the price evolution of the volatility of the Bitcoin (BTC) pair against the US dollar. Only the one who has the NFT (the Master) token can consult.

Journal Du Coin

September 27, 2020

Language: French

Des crypto-images à 101 000 $ – Découvrez la hype des cryptomonnaies NFT !

Dans la pratique, le montant peut aller jusqu’à 6 chiffres. À titre d’exemple, l’œuvre d’art « Right Place & Right Time » de l’artiste Matt Kane a vu son token NFT se vendre au prix de 262 ethers, soit 101 000 dollars.

Exposée sur le site Async Art, cette œuvre d’art à la particularité de changer d’apparence une fois chaque jour en fonction de l’évolution des prix de la volatilité de la paire Bitcoin (BTC) contre le dollar américain. Seul celui qui possède le token NFT (the Master) peut consulter.