How To Purchase The Companion Print

How to purchase the unique 1/1 print if you are the new owner of a VLY NFT:

Important: Do not send the NFT to a cold storage vault before purchasing the print.

Method 1: Sign into using the link in the top menu. Use the digital wallet that contains your VLY NFT. The website will verify which VLY NFTs you are the owner of.

1. You will be taken to the “Generative Editions” page, where all of your VLY NFTs are listed. You can click the “Buy Print” button from here or on the NFT’s detail page.

2. A timer shows you how much time you have remaining to your exclusive right to purchase the print. After this time elapses, other VLY holders can buy your print.

3. Follow directions and checkout as you would on any e-commerce website.
You have the following payment options to choose from:

Pay directly via Ethereum.
Pay direction via Bitcoin.
Pay using cryptocurrency payment of your choice via 3rd party processor 
Pay using credit card via Paypal.

Method 2: Your privacy is important to us. If you do NOT wish to transmit your shipping address via an SSL secure website, please do the following:

  1. Reach out to me as soon as possible. I will never reach out to you first. Be careful of any scam impersonators claiming to be me. Establish contact with me via Twitter or email.
  1. I will give you a code to temporarily append to your Opensea account name, which holds the NFT in question. This is free to do. Upon verifying that I am speaking to the owner of the VLY NFT, we will conduct business.

We expect 4-6 weeks turn-around-time before your print is manufactured, signed, and shipped to you. Thank you for your patience and participation in this project!