Each day, a new artistic composition is generated autonomously using a data feed of Bitcoin’s last 24 hours of price action. Each hour’s price controls rotation, scale, and position of a correlating layer. Astute viewers will surmise the previous day’s price volatility simply by examining the artwork. High volatility generates more interesting compositions, while low volatility returns artwork closer to the original.

210 NFTs

A total of 210 generative editions will be minted over the course of this project, estimated to last 10+ years. Throughout, the artist will update the design, creating visually distinguishable series within the body of work. This project begins with the expectation it will touch many different platforms, blockchains, and generally adapt with the passage of time. Just as Bitcoin inspired the birth of new technologies, this project seeks to unite many.

Daily Volatility Series

The artist carefully curates and has a hand in minting each NFT. It is put up for sale where anyone can claim it, prices starting at $210.


There will be 9 waves in diminishing quantity over time. Each wave may contain any number of series, which will be visually distinguishable and may include different price, platform, or sales protocol.

Wave #NFT SupplyNFT Starting PricePrint Price
184TBA $2,100

Total Daily Volatility NFTs = 189 tokens


Aside from the initial Genesis series, 21 daily volatility tokens will have special pre-sale auctions of tickets, giving winners the opportunity to select their own special date* in Bitcoin history.

*This date must not have already been minted. If a day previously minted is selected, another hour from that day can be arranged.

Easter Egg Achievements

21 NFTs will feature special artwork created by the artist to commemorate achievements in Bitcoin history.

NFT SupplyNFT Starting PricePrint Starting Price
21$2,100 (auction)TBA

Print Redemption

Each NFT has an accompanying 1/1 print available in a size made to order for the collector. A schedule of priority is below. We reserve the right to alter this according to wave or series is below:

21 Hours
From time of first sale, the NFT holder has a 21 hour window to enact their right of first-refusal in purchasing a 1/1 print.

21 Hours
If not redeemed after 21 hours, the option falls for just 21 hours to other Volatility.art NFT holders on a first come first serve basis.

21 Days
If another NFT holder hasn’t purchased the 1/1 print, it will be made available to the public for 21 days.

If the print fails to find a home, the print shall be destroyed, increasing scarcity of this collection’s prints.

The Artist

Matt Kane writes algorithms and layers their mathematical output to create complex, colorful manifestations of his creative visions. A gallery-represented oil painter before he taught himself to code, Kane innovates digital equivalencies to studio traditions in his practice.

To learn more, visit his website.